How It All Began

Often it happens that you wonder about a lot of things and then wonder why were you even wondering about them!

A chanced dream or a dreamy ambition perhaps...

Now less often it happens that life puts some other wondrous souls in you path, (Wander-ous really in this case), and a journey; that you once thought was of a mild possibility; begins quite unexpectedly.

So it came to pass on a dull summer evening at an old Irani cafe in Dadar, a wildlife enthusiast, a digital marketing geek, a finance expert and an amateur mountaineer discovered, as they were having their special Irani chai and bun maska, that they all suffer from a chronic and severe case of wanderlust.

One idea led to another and Travers India took form as an affordable yet luxurious outfit which relied more on the comfort and traveller experience of our fellow adventurers than making a few extra bucks for ourselves. Adrenaline rush is guaranteed on a Travers outing yet it is closely and carefully controlled with large dosage of safety and precautions.

Join us and find out more about joys of travelling and adventures as we Travers through the Indian landscape in hunt for life experiences!

Who we are

Travers India focuses on offering an affordable luxury in travel and outdoor activities.

We rely more on the comfort and traveler experience of our fellow adventurers than making a few extra bucks for ourselves. Adrenaline rush is guaranteed on a Travers outing, yet it is closely and carefully controlled with large dosage of safety and precautions.


We provide a gamut of services that include:

Treks   |   Camping   |   Cycle Rides   |   Wildlife Safaris   |   Leisure Trips   |   Corporate Outbound

The People in Charge

Rugved Lele

Rugved Lele

Co-founder and Field Expert
Rugved is a Yoga Instructor/Therapist and a wedding photographer by profession, with an academic background in commerce. Having been a passionate trekker/traveler since his childhood days, he has completed his professional training in Basic and Advanced mountaineering from ABVIMAS, Manali and is regarded as an ace trekker in the Team. His calming demeanor conceals a tart humorist, squirting out well thought out puns (or as his friends like to call them, "PJs") every now and then. He loves playing the harmonica, taking long walks in his free time, reading and is an avid 'Lord of the Rings' Fanboy! Despite his busy schedule, he finds time to hone his other hobby, star-gazing as well. His sheer discipline and leadership qualities make him a valiant team member.
Lokesh Tardalkar

Lokesh Tardalkar

Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer
Lokesh is an image maker at heart & finance pundit at brain. His passion and madness start from classrooms and cameras, and end at jungles and high mountain passes. He is a well-loved educator with a background in finance studies, and a commercial photographer since over a decade. He handles the wildlife and photography tourism sector in the company. It would be no surprise if you found him spending all his 52 Sundays in a year either behind tigers, birds or in the heritage streets of Mumbai. 18 years of experience in the Pan Indian Jungles, Glorious Sahyadri and Himalayas certainly make him a storyteller while he's busy 'Traversing’. He is also a foodie at heart and nurtures this love by fervently researching about different kinds of regional foods. His meticulous research, planning skills and street smarts make him an indispensable team member.
Prateek Vora

Prateek Vora

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer
Prateek started his multifaceted career in 2013, after completing his management studies in marketing and advertising. The Travel Bug bit him years ago, rendering him smitten for life. Travers India is an outcome of his lifelong dream of making affordable luxury travel a reality. A happy-go-lucky traveler at heart, he has explored many off-beat destinations in India. He also loves adventure and never misses a chance to get a whiff of that adrenaline every now and then. Photography, cricket and going on long drives are passions that he nurtures vehemently despite his busy schedule. He loves getting to know new people, watching movies, gaming in his free time, and is a self-proclaimed music lover. His outspoken and amiable personality makes him connect to people of all age groups easily. His keen eye for detail, diligent planning, fine leadership and hospitality skills make him a prized asset to the company.
Sudeep Mendjoge

Sudeep Mendjoge

Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer
An MBA graduate with a background in computer engineering, Sudeep looks into the operations and company logistics. He feels equally at home amidst the mountains and wild denizens. His penchant for perfection, discipline and systematic planning makes him a valuable asset to the Team. His love for travel and adventure have led him to create a kaleidoscopic odyssey of his own, travelling to many unconventional destinations at every chance he gets. A photopreneur and a nature enthusiast by choice, he loves playing cricket, football and badminton in his free time.